February 23rd, 2016

Rage On

We’re at the beginning of the week so the outlook might be kind of grim.

Instead of thinking about all the work ahead and entering into various stages of a rage blackout, take a look on the bright side – Los Angeles is getting its own Anger Room this weekend. The pop-up gives you ten minutes to go HAM on any variety of breakable objects. LAist cites that the rooms will be stocked with mannequins, TVs and a variety of items to let loose on and a selection of one weapon upon arrival. You can do some serious damage!

To get you the right inspiration, we’ve provided 10 items for you to focus on for every minute of your splendored wreck-fest:

10. The job died a mysterious death.
9. The creative is killer, but they only have 30K all-in including talent and post.
8. The cost consultant is asking to put all of A-K below the line with a reduced markup.
7. The client would like to bid the job in Chile, South Africa, Budapest, China…AND Los Angeles – just to see the     savings.
6. The DGA is on line 3.
5. The creatives “still don’t have a recommend.”
4. The agency producer needs to see more spots with kittens, comedy, and dialogue.
3. The client decided to go with animation instead.
2. The celebrity talent for your shoot will only be available for 3 hours…including drive time.
1. The other 2 bidders are Lance and Noam.

The future is looking a little brighter, reserve your spot here.