March 30th, 2016

Welcome to the Last Bookstore


It’s hard not to feel passionate when you walk through the doors of The Last Bookstore in downtown LA, so it seems pretty fitting that director Chad Howitt made the iconic destination the subject of his new passion project.

“Welcome to the Last Bookstore” is a Short Documentary that’s picked up nods at the Hollywood Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Movie Awards, LA Independent Film Festival, and beyond. Focusing on the life of Josh Spencer, the owner and operations aficionado behind the bookstore that sells new and used books, records and oddities, the film highlights a pioneer that’s keeping printed matter alive.

LA locals know The Last Bookstore as a fixture of the community, complete with a vault of books, various art installations made out of literature, and often a live performance or reading on any given day of the week. But Josh’s story isn’t just one of a business owner, but a guy overcoming physical hardship, devoted to providing his community with a service that seems to be perishing in the light of e-books and online retailers.

“Welcome to the Last Bookstore” is screening around the US at various festivals. Find it next in at the First Glance Film Festival in Downtown LA, and keep up with all upcoming dates here. And if you’re around town, pop into the Last Bookstore to be mesmerized by the space, community, and rare finds housed within.