June 9th, 2016

Polly Gets to the Source

Source Creative profiles Detour and director Polina Rabtseva in their latest Fashion & Beauty special feature.

The Belarus-born filmmaker has made waves for her affectionate, natural storytelling and unapologetic approach to her craft. That approach has been captured by Source Creative, who interviewed Polly in their just-released Fashion/Beauty special feature issue, covering her branded projects, interest in fashion and beauty, and collaboration with us here at Detour.

Some highlights:

On beauty: I see beauty as a mix of charming personality, an intelligent mind and a fearless spirit. In shaping such a presentation of beauty I simply understand the time and place in which I exist and the purpose or function of the product. This enables me to introduce and interweave it in the most appropriate and natural manner. The successful integration of the product makes it fashionable.

On communication: As a filmmaker, my method of communication is often entirely non-verbal and metaphorical, allowing me to relate to each and every viewer on an equal emotional level.

On Detour Films: What I find most appealing is their interest in nurturing the development of a relative newcomer like myself.

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