October 4th, 2016

Strange Attractor


DETOUR FILMS has signed creative connector and innovative thinker Alex Anderson and his newly launched firm STRANGE ATTRACTOR for national sales representation.  STRANGE ATTRACTOR is focused on the representation of top-level industry talent at the individual level.  A strange attractor is a solution to a chaotic system, which in turn becomes art.  Besides perfectly describing the current state of the industry, something about the name fits his personality.

As long as we’ve known Alex, he’s always been about solutions first and connecting the right people together for a project.  Having held a scope of upper level positions throughout his career including Managing Director, Executive Producer and Head of Sales, Alex brings a deep understanding of the process, an excitement for the talent he represents, and clever solutions to matching the individual capabilities of the talent with the needs of the client.

We love the honest energy, insight, and enthusiasm he brings to the table, every day.