Detour Films is honored to partner with MATTERvr, one of the leading pioneers in the development, creation and production of Virtual Reality content. Together, we are creating exciting, emotionally engaging VR experiences for our clients.

Since it’s founding, MATTERvr created the first historical VR experience to be curated by The Smithsonian, flew to the south pacific to make the 360 video Vanuatu Dreams for Samsung and are currently in production on groundbreaking content with major VR platforms for release in 2017.

MATTERvr founders Steve Holtzman and Daniel Gregoire share an impressive Hollywood pedigree including over 20 years of:

  • Blockbuster film, television, ride and game trailer production
  • 25 Emmy nominations with 7 wins over 15 years
  • Peabody, PGA, WGA, VES, TCA and Critics Choice Awards
  • Immersive story, character and world building
  • CG and VFX management and supervision
  • Motion capture, virtual camera, game engines and advanced capture techniques